Elevate your celebration with a custom cake

Current Cake and cup cake Menu

Cake and Cup Cake Selections:

     Classic White, Yellow, Butter, Chocolate, Red Velvet and Confetti Vanilla

Fluffy Buttercream Frosting Selections:

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Hazlenut-Mocha, Mint, Coconut

 Added Filling Options for Cakes and Cupcakes:

    Lemon Curd, Triple Berry, Apricot, Strawberry, Citrus Cheesecake Dream


    Cupcakes $2.50 each ($3.00 Each Filled)

        (Minimum Order 1 Dozen - Special Orders over 10 Dozen will receive a 20% Discount - Specialty Pull-Cake orders will be charged up to the next dozen with additional cupcakes provided with purchase. As Pull-Cakes are a custom order, additional fees will apply dependent on complexity of design.)

    6" Round $30.00 ($38.00 Filled)

    8" Round $45.00 ($55.00 Filled)

    Quarter Sheet $60.00 ($75.00 Filled)

    Half Sheet $85.00 ($100.00 Filled)

    2-Tiered Stacked $125.00 ($150.00 Filled)

    3-Tiered Stacked $250.00 ($300.00 Filled)

Serving Sizes:

  • 6" Round  6 - 10
  • 8" Round 12 - 18
  • Quarter Sheet 20 - 30
  • Half Sheet 30 - 60
  • 2-Tiered Stacked Cake 20 - 30
  • 3-Tiered Stacked Cake 70 - 85

Custom Cakes can be decorated for any special occasion. Design pricing varies greatly depending upon complexity and the cake artist's design time. We will be happy to provide you a quote by contacting us with your specific needs.


Delivery can be arranged - Fees vary depending upon distance.

Note: Our baked goods contain some type of dairy product. In addition, some of our products contain nuts, and baking equipment is shared amongst all products.